Monday, May 17, 2010

The Quiet Mind

I was catching up on "The Tudors" on Showtime, and the Earl of Surrey was translating the following poem:


MARTIAL, the things that do attain
The happy life be these, I find:—
The richesse left, not got with pain;
The fruitful ground, the quiet mind;

The equal friend; no grudge, no strife;
No charge of rule, nor governance;
Without disease, the healthful life;
The household of continuance;

The mean diet, no delicate fare;
True wisdom join’d with simpleness;
The night dischargèd of all care,
Where wine the wit may not oppress.

The faithful wife, without debate;
Such sleeps as may beguile the night:
Contented with thine own estate
Ne wish for death, ne fear his might.

He then turns to the Duke of Suffolk, who sadly and wistfully says, "I have none of those things." I found the poem rather inspiring, and I would like to live a life that encompasses as many of these as possible.


Blogger Ana said...

I was just watching that chapter and came to the computer looking for the poem, and got here... Thank u. It really touched me, and touched me more knowing that somedy else apreciate it the beutiful things :).

8:48 PM  
Blogger Doyle said...

Indeed, this is the highest purpose, the depths of inner space, meditation, concentrated focus upon the fathomless Divine within and without, the nothingness kingdom of the all and all, the single call that life is meant to beget, the highest quest, peace, the womb of joy.

Yet its knowing escapes us all, lest we take the plunge into its flip side, the alternate face of it. Only then are we truly insighted to ask, to knock, to seek, which when is done with sincerest of heart, the emotion of love, the purest devotion, is the asking, knocking and seeking finally answered, opened, and found.

And then, for how long, before we forget again? How long are we tied to the wheel of rebirth for our forgetfulness begetting unfulfillment, leaving us yearning and creating dischord?

Until at last we actualize a devoted stay in the realization of the uncorruptable Truth, for it is Truth that make us free.

When meditation's peaceful Divine Love brings us perpetually to walk awakened and we experience enlightenment, where all of time exists in the simple moment of now.

Trybal Queen

4:24 PM  

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