Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

Bill has been home for almost two weeks now and things are going very well. He is progressing daily, and the only person not impressed with his progress is...Bill. I keep telling him how enthusiastic the physical and occupational therapists are, as well as the doctors, and so please feel free to join in my cheerleading when you talk to/visit him. I think it helps keep his spirits up.

Rocki, Bill's 24/7 caregiver, is a wonderful addition to the household. He takes his job seriously, has a very good heart, is dedicated to getting Bill better, and is even a pretty decent cook! Rocki is from Fiji, and they are a very honest and caring people, and so I feel very confident leaving him at home with Bill when I can't be there. Plus we have wonderful Chela 4 days a week, so that helps as well. Overall, his strength is returning, he's getting more proficient at the tasks that (we hope) will make him more independent, and he still takes a keen interest in the world around him and already is planning dinner parties. Atta boy!

I took a few days and went back to NYC for the wedding of one of my best friends from law school, Victor Chiu. He married a glorious person, and he deserves her, so I couldn't be happier for them both. They wrote their own vows and they were romantic, heartfelt, and charming. The food and drink were excellent, and they had a band that was, I kid you not, able to do a good job with both Sinatra and Justin Timberlake. Chameleonlike, truly.

My friend Jeannette kidnapped me for part of the day Saturday and we went up to Travers Island, the NY Athletic Club's outpost in the Bronx. Sipping margaritas, looking out over Long Island Sound, watching women's beach volleyball on the Olympics, and great company--what's not to love? Then I had my Bonfire of the Vanities experience while she dropped me off at 125th Street so I could catch Metro North up to Westport, CT to visit more law school friends, Tom and Candace Banks. Somehow, they have managed to buy and furnish a beautiful new house, complete with pond in the backyard, with 3 children under the age of 5. Knowing them, I am duly impressed but not unduly surprised. A lovely evening! Then the next morning I got to see my cousins and goddaughter for brunch at the Blue Water Grill--yet another beautiful family, and the girls are brilliant just like their parents. The evening was consumed by my East Coast birthday party, which was casual cocktails at Vintage on 9th Ave and 51st. They have a nice little garden at the back, and it threatened rain but did not, so we were able to enjoy each other's company en plein air. 70 percent fatigue/30 percent the longest martini menu in the city made it an early night, but all seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks for coming out!

Monday night brought the pleasure of drinks with Andrew Shore at the beautiful and historic Union Club; I wish it were summer all year long just so I could drink Pimm's Cup. Nice to have a good catch-up that was not possible at the party. Dinner with Willa Fawer at a fantastic new Italian restaurant on 58th, Mia Diona, was the perfect last night in NYC. Before blowing town the next day, I had the opportunity to meet with some board members of the Clarion Music Society and their talented wunderkind music director, Steven Fox. He and some of his musicians are being gracious enough to help out with the benefit I am organizing on October 18th for brain cancer research. They are NYC's premier early music and period instrument ensemble, so we are fortunate indeed.

Shall try to do a better job of posting in the future, but the best news is that Bill is stable and so no news is good news!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bill Comes Home Tomorrow!

Luckily, his recovery has been on track and so he will be home tomorrow, August 5th, a day early.

For at least the next month, he will have 24/7 care provided by a very nice Fijian man named Rocky who will sleep in. This will supplement our wonderful housekeeper, so Bill should be in very good hands. Rocky is (wait for it) in training these next couple days so that he can help Bill continue on with his physical therapy. Now, in some ways, the real work begins. Let's all hope Bill can get back to his old self soon. He slept horribly at the rehab center, so one element of that recovery will be getting lots of rest. The other will be to stay on a rigorous and consistent schedule of all kinds of therapy like he was getting in the rehab facility. Therefore, please continue to coordinate with me about visits to the house. I am sure that he will like phone calls, and at the moment I am guessing around 5 PM might be good so that he can get afternoon rest and then start to perk up for dinnertime.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Quick Trip to Aspen

Selene Morgan, Rutledge Forney, me, Marilyn Marks, Don Morgan

How about something other than Dad's illness? A few days before his stroke and my trip to Texas for the trial, my wonderful friend, Selene Morgan, called me and asked if I could move everything on my schedule and fly out to Aspen to visit with "The Tibet Gang." Luckily, I had a couple days free and the flights were surprisingly cheap, so I did! It was a wonderful few days, and Aspen is just a magical place. We went hiking and got caught in the rain. (BTW, no, I do NOT like pina coladas.) The Aspen ideas festival was going on, so I was able to sneak into a very interesting lunchtime panel about how to deal with nuclear proliferation. Unbeknownst to me, the U.S. and Russia have been taking massive and substantial steps towards disarmament, and we are still by far the largest possessors of nukes in the world. The experts said that their main concern was not a rogue state like Iran actually using the weapon if they got it, nor was it that they would "give the bomb" to another bad actor, because in both cases the response from the U.S. would be the same: swift and devastating. Rather, they feel, the danger lies in the fact that just having more nukes out there increases the danger that some non-state actor (i.e., a terrorist group) would be more easily able to steal it and use it for its own purposes. They also sketched out an interesting little history of the numerous times that nuclear war almost happened and didn't, but easily could have due to a harmless missile launch being misconstrued as a strike, etc. We've been very lucky. The trip was all too brief, but it produced some nice memories, a calm before the storm, and the following excellent quote:

Don Morgan: Gee, Charlie, you look pretty tired.
Charlie: Yeah, I was up until 4 finishing a book Selene gave me.
Don: Ah, literary hangover.