Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on Dad, Update on Texas Arbitration

Dad continues to improve by the day and is doing very well. When last I saw him, he could barely move his left arm and his small-hand motor skills coordination were limited. Now he seems to have close to full mobility and his motor skills are much improved. And this is only week one! His left leg continues to be the biggest weak spot and will require a lot of work for walking, transferring (getting in and out of chairs and beds), and so forth. He was so active that this is all frustrating for him, I know, but his overall attitude is good.

He is having VERY intensive therapy three times a day: physical therapy (learning how to walk again), occupation therapy (shaving, dressing, etc.), and speech therapy (in his case, actual speech is fine and so the focus will be more on memory, which has been affected by the stroke--short-term memory in particular). The main focus now is getting him well, and he tires easily and the right answer is for him to focus his energy on therapy and not on being a good host in his rehab room. Therefore, I would like to respectfully request ALL readers of the blog to check with me before making a visit. They need to be scheduled rather than drop-in. Having "too many" friends/well-wishers is a good problem to have, but let's be sure not to tire him out.

I am in California for 32 hours on a brief reprieve from the country song my life has become, entitled "I'm Gittin' Sued in Texas." I'm so relieved Dad is looking so well and feel that we have a good treatment plan in place. The bad news about the arbitration is that I spent last week listening to what a lyin', cheatin' sonuvabitch I am. The good news is, we think it went well for our side. The plaintiffs looked at best inept and at worst dishonest (both true), and we have lots of great evidence for our position that they got me into a bad real estate deal and refused honor their obligations to a) run the property well and b) pay me rent on my aparment complex. However, one never knows in these situation, so please (when you're not sending thoughts and prayers for Dad's recovery, which is by FAR the primary focus) send good thoughts and wishes that the judge will understand what really happened and decide in my favor.

Thanks again to all for your love and support!


Blogger CGWS said...

What great news about your Dad improving and doing very well! We will continue to pray for you both. We and so many friends love you and your Dad.

12:45 PM  

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