Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dad Had a Stroke Yesterday

I got a call from our housekeeper yesterday morning that Dad had fallen and couldn't get up. It sounded from the symptoms he was exhibiting that he had had a stroke, and indeed that was the case. The good news is that we got him to the hospital in under three hours and he is now resting reasonably comfortably at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa in the East Wing. However, he has slightly slurred speech, limited mobility in his left arm, and his left leg is currently paralyzed. As many of you know, it is often the case that these symptoms can reverse themselves relatively rapidly, and he does seem improved over yesterday, so please fashion your thoughts/prayers accordingly. The good news is that he is cogent and "there" mentally and in pretty good spirits, albeit very tired.

As many of you know, I was scheduled to head down to Texas yesterday to start my arbitration that has been looming for almost two years on Monday. At Dad's urging, and assuming the doctors don't see any reason that his currently stable condition will change, my current plan is to go there tomorrow, start the arbitration Wednesday, get the damn thing overwith and focus on getting Dad better.

I will do my best to post regular updates, and I may very likely be slow to respond to e-mails or phone calls for the next couple weeks. Thanks in advance for your forbearance, but if it's really urgent feel free to bug me and I will get back to you. And please wish us both luck!


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