Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quote Log, Part IV

We pay a thousand hours of distress for that crowded moment of our pleasure.”
--re: love. Jon Leaf, from his play The Germans in Paris

“My first rule of getting laid is: you have to show up.”
--Matt “The Mayor” Panning

“Evil is only good trying to find itself in dark places.”
--Ginny Leer

"You may well say that, but I couldn't possibly comment."
--Jason Julier

"I can't imagine not being able to itemize my taxes. Actually, I CAN remember. I cried."
--Hilary Conway

"They're not fraternal twins, they're fertility twins. You know, two eggs at the same time. They were wombmates."
--Leslie Black

"He would listen to Wagner a couple of decibels too his own house. It's like, dude, who are you trying to impress? Your wife? Who's skulking in her sewing circle in the bedroom because her spirit's been broken?”
--Chris LaChance

Charlie: "I am narcoleptically 'sleeping' sitting up in the sorely misnamed 'Red Carpet Club.'"
Alexa Hampton: “'Red Carpet'” because a passenger, infuriated by the squalor and bad service, stuck a plastic fork in his head and exsanguinated on the spot.”

"I hope you have Lucia di Lammermoor on your New York agenda. If only the women I dated expressed their madness with such eloquence and charm."
--Jonathan Funke

Jacques Lehot: “I think Chelsea Clinton looks a lot better now.”
Chris La Chance: “You cannot polish a turd, sir.”


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