Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Airlines is SOOOO Ghetto

I've been trying to call American Airlines for the last 45 minutes. The first time, I started going through the menu but, as my flight is a complicated one--gotta have a nice little stopover in Dallas to sit in on a hearing on cross-Motions for Partial Summary Judgment. Remind me again how it is that my tenants stopped paying me rent for 3 months, I evicted them as per the terms of the lease that THEY drafted, and they turned around and sued ME? And this has been going on for a year?

I digress, as usual. So I finally gave up and started saying "Agent" into the phone. The nice lady, a shade patronizingly, said, "I think you want to speak to an agent. Let's return to the menu so I can direct your call where it needs to go." Then they disconnected me. Each time I call back, they tell me all their agents are busy and to call again later. Wasn't the point of shipping all customer service overseas to frackin' (so glad Battelstar Galactica has started up again!) Bangalore was to save money and always have people to answer our calls? If the government is going to keep hurling money at the airlines for bailouts, couldn't they at least deploy it with some style, like the Concorde did (before it went belly up)?


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