Saturday, March 01, 2008

Harrassed Travelers in Need of Laugh?

The attached link is kind of crude, but if you've about had it with the TSA then this video is for you.

For those of you who fly often and have not discovered the fabulous world of FlyClear, click on this link immediately. It's $100 annually, but if you fly a lot it's completely worth it. They do a quick background check on you and then you can either get fingerprint scanned or retinally scanned from hereon in at the airport, and the nice FlyClear employees help you take your carry-on stuff, put it into bins, and drop you right at the front of the line. I tell you, it's magic. And they're rasslin' with the TSA right now to see if their members can refrain from de-shoeing, de-laptopping, etc. I mean, come ON, people! My money clip and I are going to subdue the frightened passengers, and I will throw my shoes at the unruly ones, and then plug my laptop into the malfunctioning earphone jacks and infest the plane with a virus that will make it land in Pittsburgh. Please.


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