Saturday, January 05, 2008

Quote Log, Part III

"No better way to ingratiate yourself with a new law firm than to refer to their intranet site and policies as 'HAL.'"
--Javier Martinez

"You couldn't be rude if you played an Emily Post record backward while sitting in a pentagram chanting and wearing white after Labor Day."

"I thoroughly enjoyed our martini-soaked Mozart massacre. Hopefully Austria wasn't too disturbed by the subterranean rolling."
--Jessica Gould re: our rendition of "La ci darem la mano" at my 2007 Christmas party

Charlie: "My friend Andrew claims he's a Russian prince, but sometimes it's a little hard to believe everything he has to say."
Paul Christenson: "What gave it away? When he started talking about his Aunt Anastasia?"

"I realized five months into dating the Socialist that it had to stop. Luckily he then moved to a former Soviet State."
--Hilary Conway

"The plural of anecdote is trend."
--Neiswanger as told to Jonathan Funke

“Dude, it's gonna get f----d up. And it's gonna get f-----d up in a foreign language.”
--Barrett Fallentine re: my
father's well-intentioned but semi-ill-fated trip to Mexico with his wife and her children's various families to Mexico for Christmas of 2006.

"It's not just about finding what lights your fire--you need to figure out how to pay for the firewood."
--Selene Morgan

"The people who would consider oak a fundamental taste of wine are the same people who consider ketchup a vegetable."

--Randall Graham

"Upgrade until it's right."
--Alexis Vourvoulis


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