Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We have all finally made it through the holiday season, and there were many things about which to be thankful. As usual, there was lots of merriment and revelry, too much delicious food, too many cocktails, and, most important, the wonderful glow that comes from sharing special, loving times with the warm and generous people I am lucky enough to have in my life. Thanks to all of you who opened up your homes and hearts to Dad and me this Christmas.

Incidentally, thanks to all of you who were so kind to check in about Dad. His pacemaker operation went very well the second time and he is in high spirits with more energy than he's had in a long time. Your prayers helped!

So, onward and upward! Most people I know are not too sorry to see the back of 2007, and they also are very optimistic about 2008. Let's hope we're right!


1) Reacquaint myself with this locale called the gym.
2) The usual alcohol detox for the month of January (with three exceptions).
3) Read more fiction.
4) Live more in the moment.
5) Work on a catchphrase, such as "There it is" (the Emperor in Amadeus) or "That's all" (from The Devil Wears Prada).
6) Date Anne Hathaway.

Anyone else care to share theirs?


Blogger docnettie said...

FYI...You already use the phase "Notsomuch" quitr often

6:19 PM  
Blogger legallyblonde said...


1) Eat healthy meals regularly.
2) Read more fiction.
3) Live more in the moment.
4) Let go of grievances.
5) Work on a catchphrase such as "there is that!"
6) Date Luke Wilson

9:49 AM  

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