Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quote Log, Part Deux

"I would have called, if I were awake, to tell you I was sleeping."
--Stacy Monahan re: why she neglected to have dinner with me in
Paris and made me wait for half an hour in the lobby.

"I even want myself."
--Chris La Chance after spraying himself with Tag Body Spray

"She was on the pill and she got pregnant? That's inconceivable."
--Andrew Shore

"Everyone who has a cat says their cat is not like a cat, it's like a dog and it's affectionate. That's a lie. Cats are bitches."
--Bridget Best

"I hear terms like 'floozy' and 'exhibitionist'--that just doesn't do justice to my art."
--Nicole Alvino

"She's so low. I tell you, you scrape the gum off the bottom of a baseball seat and there she is."
--Jacques Lehot


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