Sunday, November 25, 2007

Magic Flutes and Haggis Lasagna

Disturbing how behind I am. Attended the famed Julie Taymor (The Lion King) production of The Magic Flute at the Met at the end of October. The opera, preceded by an excellent repast at the Opera Club with my buddy Patrick Butler, was quite well sung. The Queen of the Night (Anna Kristiina Kaappola, who was making her Met debut that evening) and Papageno were in particular outstanding. If you've not seen it, the production is fantastic in the far-fetched/fantasy sense of the word. But once you accept that, at least it's consistent throughout and it's kind of fun to suspend your disbelief even more. I've never heard a particularly good rendition of Tamino. He's never rendered in a particularly heroic way; he always sounds kind of milquetoasty, although it probably doesn't help that he faints as soon as he comes on stage. (And I wonder if Schikaneder had something to say about that so that his Papageno had no chance of getting upstaged.)

Saturday, November 2nd was the Scottish Ball. Great fun, and a great workout, if you've never tried it! There are three rehearsals beforehand, and you can learn the basic steps, reels, etc. If you have yet to see me in a kilt, check it out in the NYT Sunday Styles. (Thanks to my friend Erika Halford, who gave me the heads-up that I was in the paper.) It's a little hard to make me out, but my tartan is the Maclaren blue and green one and I am in the bottom far left and four over from the bottom far left. One of the best things about it is that it's all the Scotch you can drink, and yet you sweat/work it off with the dancing, thereby mitigating the intoxication. In addition to the usual Shepherd's Pie, there was a new twist on an old favorite: haggis lasagna. My purist sensibilities were a little offended, but it still tasted good. It was a lively, fun crew of fellow revelers, including the talented dancer Susan Wojewoda and Molly and Bill Ambler. A fun way to celebrate the 3 days of fall we got this year. (See the hilarious Onion article.)


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