Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Funny Video and the Infamous Quote Log, Part I

OK guys, take a look at this. The video itself (one of Will Ferrell's top picks, BTW) is almost as funny as Jonathan Funke's fake review of same.


"A revitalizing contribution to the urban vocabulary of 'patois
physicale' " -- The New Criterion

"Paddy-Cake has never been so arresting, so visceral, so NOW" -- The
Gordon School Bee

"Not gay at ALL" -- The Washington Blade


“Airline flying now is like when I was a kid and would walk by the bus station.”
--Paul Christenson

“He's so far in the closet he's practically in Narnia.”
--as told to me by Deroy Murdock

“I don't usually blame others for my own excesses.”
--Stacy Monahan

Iceland: I feel like it's more trendy than awesome”
--Lauren Pearle

“The problem with hands-free headsets is that you never know if the person walking toward you is talking to someone on a cell phone or just crazy”
—Katherine Eldred

Charlie: “Were you a Tahoe girl growing up?”
Joan Burns: “Not so much. My Dad doesn’t like still bodies of water; he thinks they attract white trash.”

"Some of the most interesting people are the ones you didn't invite."
--Julie Lindsey


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