Wednesday, October 10, 2007

White Trash Day at Great America

OK, so maybe 2 posts in one day isn't quite kosher, but as my buddy Martin sent this photo along it had to be done.

Last Saturday, a crew of my SF buddies and I set forth for the Paramount Great America amusement park for the 2nd Annual "White Trash Day." Having won 4 free tickets from the Bay Area classical music station (yes, you read that right), I thought we would reprise this successful event.

(L to R: Joe Bialowitz, Chris La Chance, Jacques Lehot, Mark Werling, our mascot, Barrett Fallentine, Charlie, and R. Martin Andersons)

We thought the garbage receptacle was the perfect prop for our "official" photo. May I point out that Chris and Jacques showing up in matching "I heart hot moms" t-shirts was totally serendipitous. So we spent the day eating corn dogs, riding roller coasters to the point of hurling, and generally being agog at how many people's sartorial decisions (notably Raiders gear and camo pants) were in earnest whereas ours were ironic. Also, the rallying cry for the day was "Let's git 'er done!" I have to admit, you get kind of fired up when yelling it while on rides with names like "Delirium." Good times.


Blogger Kid Sis said...

Looks like you were on fire!

What, no mention of your star acting turn?

11:32 PM  

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