Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall 2007 Eastern Migration Has Occurred

I'm back in the Big Apple! It's strange to say, but after the incredibly busy summer in California (and China, Hawaii, Houston, Portland, Seattle, and Idaho), it seems like this might almost be more relaxing.

The apartment renovations are finally over, and my designer, Alexa Hampton ( and her contractor did a smashing job. Come over for a cocktail and take a gander! I will also post a couple photos shortly.

Next week is the New York premiere of Zelindor, roi des Sylphes. This is the modern premiere of an 18th-century French Baroque opera done by Opera Lafayette (headed by my friend Ryan Brown) and the New York Baroque Dance Company. This one-night-only performance is on October 17. Go here for info and tickets: I'm helping out as one of the New York liaisons and it should be a wonderful evening of music.

BTW, remind me (if I ever start to spout such nonsense again) that I have vowed never, ever to take the red-eye anymore. Is it me, or did it seem easier to do in my '20s?

Looking forward to a great autumn in my favorite (sorry, San Francisco) city! Thanks for the great summer, SF friends.


Blogger Katie said...

I also have made many vows never to take the red-eye again...but if you don't, then you're wasting daylight hours. It's always a pain to travel West to East. Good luck avoiding all red-eyes in the future!

2:10 PM  

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